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The Quium development team has many years of Collaboration experience having started working with Voice over IP applications back in the mid 1990’s and by 1997 had installed some of the earliest converged Voice and Data solutions for Enterprise commercial activities and US Gov’t Defense and Civilian agencies. The team’s experience has grown as the industry has matured from the convergence of Data and Voice, to Unified Communications and most recently to Collaboration. To date, our team has installed tens of thousands of handsets and established hundreds of communications systems across numerous industries and all levels of State, Local and Federal Government agencies. The team’s deep experience with Cisco System’s Unified Communications Manager and Unity Connections applications goes back to the genesis of Voice over IP where along the way they acquired a firm understanding of the strengths and limitations of the various applications within the Cisco collaborative platform.


While our very first development effort was an audio conferencing application which augmented Cisco’s Collaboration platform and led to our introduction of the name Quium (kew-ē-um), where our use of Quium (kew-ē-um) originates from the latin noun “Colloquium”, an exchange of views, a collaboration or academic seminar – the success of our conferencing tools then led to additional applications and today we offer a suite of software tools named Quium Collaboration Utilities (QCU) and Quium Collaboration Management (QCM) which are purpose built for Cisco Unified Communications (UC) and provide enhanced functionality to your CUCM system.