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Quium Collaboration Management Suite

is built to complement Cisco’s Unified Communications suite. QCM’s module (Self Service Portal) can be purchased separately to enhance the functionality and features of the base appliance.

Benefits from the Quium Collaboration Management Suite:

  • Provides a single plane of glass to manage features and services across multiple Unified Communication applications
  • Easily configure complex features and services
  • Reduced time spent on administrative management and troubleshooting
  • End user can make own changes based on granted permissions
  • Simple moves, adds and changes (MAC)
  • QCM generates a quick return on investment and provides solutions to expedite and simplify MAC work so you can help your organization use its time more efficiently.

System Configuration

Device configurations within Cisco UC are often complex. Processing many tasks  requires  the  configuration of dozens of settings across multiple pages.  At times, it can be easier to rebuild an entire   user profile rather than making a basic change. This is time-consuming, leads to errors, and a resource drain.



  • Simplifies complex tasks within a single console page for easy management
  • Configuring even the most complex features typically requires only 1 or 2  settings
  • Administrators can easily allow support staff to manage MAC while also enabling more complicated features, all while maintaining 100% accuracy
  • QCM’s dashboards bring all related features and services from multiple UC applications into a single pane of glass
  • Simplify all Moves, Adds, Changes of Users, Phones, VoiceMail, Jabber, Single Number Reach, Extension Mobility, Unified Contact Center Express agents, and more
  • Enables automatic population of fields and hides all unused or unneeded settings
  • Variables, advanced formulas, and masks allow for the automatic generation of critical configuration fields reducing complexity and providing the highest level of  accuracy
  • Allow delegation of all Moves, Adds, Changes to Help Desk or similar teams
    • Complex tasks are greatly simplified so even teams with little to no UC experience can easily configure them
    • Delegate access to moves, adds, changes with no risk of the wrong people getting access to critical settings such as call routing
    • Can delegate access without having to open up network security and allow direct access to the critical UC servers
    • Further secure and simplify delegation of control by selectively allowing just the individual settings the team has access to change and what they can change them to, while automatically configuring the rest of the settings

Self Service Portal

Administrative resources are often stretched thin, affecting costs and efforts associated with managing user accounts. QCM’s Self Service Portal (SSP) greatly reduces administrative workload by enabling end users to manage their own devices and deploy additional advanced features.



  • Enhances security by authenticating and validating all user interactions before sending them to UC servers, allowing servers to be locked from direct user access, greatly enhancing critical voice  security
  • Empowers end user control but can still limit activity levels based on your  settings
  • Enables end users to update their phone and line configurations
  • Facilitates secure personalization of phone and line settings without the need for direct connectivity to the UC server

SSP greatly reduces administrative workload by enabling end users to manage their own devices


Ordering Information

System Requirements:
VMware: 4.1 and later

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Suite and Contact Center: 10.0 and later

For more information or to purchase Quium, please contact Sales at (425) 420-1580 or sales@quium.net.

Collaboration Management System Configuration
QCM’s System Configuration is interoperable with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Includes a term license for 12 months, 1.x major and minor patches and phone support.

Collaboration Management Self Service Portal
This module includes a term license for 12 months and 1.x major and minor patches and phone support. Requires the base QCM System Configuration Subscription.