Up To 80% Time Savings

QCM interfaces with Call Manager to create an efficient and smart experience, while error checking at every step.

100% Customer Retention

Once customers experience QCM, it becomes mission critical to standard operations.

50-70% Cost Savings

QCM Automation streamlines your workflow to only the required information fields and minimizes manual inputs.

95%+ Error Reduction

QCM will ensure config is completely error free, plus ability to do full system scans to find and resolve errors from previous work.

Quium Collaboration Manager and Quium Collaboration Utilities are applications that enhance the productivity of organizations using the Cisco United Communications and Collaboration platform. Our tools work alone, or even better together, to streamline your workflow and help you maximize the investment you’ve made in Cisco UC. By streamlining the process of adoption and deployment, Quium makes collaboration simple – allowing you to focus on tasks that really matter to your business.

Quium Collaboration Management

Quium Collaboration Utilities

Introducing Quium

The name Quium (kew-ē-um) originates from the Latin noun colloquium:  an exchange of views or collaboration. And that’s just what our software provides.

Quium has established hundreds of communications systems across number industries and all levels of local, state, and federal agencies. Let us introduce ourselves.